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Basically I use this for my own personal information but of course you're welcome to visit the site any time you wish, you're already here! Visit my FitDay!

Most of the items posted on this website are because they are or were of interest to me. Since situations change constantly in life so do my tastes and interest. Right now, I'm big into the health thing, mainly reading labels and eliminating hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, and not using Teflon. So for the time being I will probably add health related articles the most.

Thanks again for visiting and let me know what you think. Oh, I almost forgot, you can take a look at Facebook and also my Weblog.

Investing... I'm getting back in. I was a real estate investor for many years and it seems like a long time ago. But it's time again that I start.

Syrup this is a link to an article that was sent to me by a friend. Seems like many people are concerned about their health or rather the stuff they put in their bodies. Staying away from artificial foods that were designed just for the economic value with really very little regard for our health.


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