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"I am looking to secure a challenging postion with a company in the information technology field where my experience and knowledge will benefit both the business and myself, and where I can prove my excellent team skills and business concepts to their fullest."

The following is a brief list of experiences, achievements, and knowledge which he believes will be a true asset to the right organization.

- Fluent with the Spanish language. Translated numerous documents and books from English to Spanish. Worked as a translator for live speeches.

- Owned a successful tech and design business securing high profile clients, training workers, and managing a sales force for 10 years. Worked with demanding deadlines.

- Was a highly successful entrepenuer and investor in real estate. Managed many contractors and projects at the same time.

- Enjoys teaching, training others, and being trained, knows the importance of gaining knowledge.

- Has a diverse understanding and appreciation for technology and business.

- Administrated a very large Microsoft network, with many international facilities.

"Being a former business owner and also an employee for many years has given me an insight that most people seldom attain. I have developed a greater sensitivity for team work, business concepts, and a respect for the position and work at hand."

My résumé is available for download in PDF format.

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